Success Secrets to running a $10 Million Dollar Home Care Agency




The third book in the Ditch the Scrubs Home Care Series, Success Secrets is a treasure trove of wisdom pearls. After more than 20 years of healthcare entrepreneurship, author Christine Bacci said that she would tell herself one thingPurposefully Find Knowledge and Wisdom at all times no matter the cost!  This book is a compilation of hard-earned wisdom and industry secrets that she gained along the journey. There is not a single goal you can undertake in your life that someone has not gone before you and done. Why should you have to figure everything out through trial and error? By purposefully staying in pursuit of knowledge, you can avoid costly mistakes – both with your time, effort, and money.


Learn secrets that you can apply to transform your Home Care agency and to experience exponential growth including:

  • Bigger is NOT always Better
  • Why Home Care Agencies Fail
  • The Importance of Your Dream Team and Your Inner Circle
  • The Value of Your Vision
  • The Importance of Leadership
  • The Master of Everything is the Master of Nothing
  • Essential Systems and Processes your agency Must Have
  • The Low Hanging Fruit
  • To Always Pay Yourself First


Learn what it takes to take your Home Care Agency from barely surviving to thriving by applying the principles in this book.


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