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Learn step-by-step how to start and grow your Home care agency

As an exclusive member, you will receive access to strategies, tools, and resources that will guide you on your path to success as a Home Care agency owner. From new agencies that are still in the planning phase and first steps to agencies that are generating millions each year – there is something for everyone!

Through video training, live courses and strategy sessions, and an expansive catalogue of downloadable content, Ditch the Scrubs Home Care Inner Circle will help you to build an operational foundation that is sure to transform your agency, increase your revenue, and allow you to achieve your goals.

All-Inclusive access to courses, strategies, down-loads and replays are only found in our member portal!

Membership Includes

Document Vault Access

Our document vault offers you access to fully customizable forms that you will need in your agency. We feature all the forms that we currently have in use in our $10 Million dollar agency, including Employee Documents, Client Documents, Financial Documents, Agency Operational Documents, and Marketing Documents.

Knowledge Vault Access

With a full library of training videos, you have on-demand access to training videos that show you everything from how to apply for an NPI number to how to calculate your service rates.

Ditch the Scrubs: Home Care Agency

The Course is now available exclusively to Inner Circle members. This course dives deeper into the steps laid out in our series books, How to Start a Home Care Agency, Plans to Profits, and Success Secrets to running a $10 Million dollar agency, and makes them fully actionable with specific to-dos, how to, worksheets, templates, and calculators.

Monthly Mastermind Strategy Hour

Monthly Mastermind Strategy Hour where you get to network with other agency owners on your level, get and give advice, and troubleshoot with others who know what you are going through.

3 Live Strategy Sessions each month

3 Live Strategy Sessions each month where we focus on:

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Marketing and Sales
  3. Business Strategy

In these powerful informative sessions, you will learn specific actionable ideas to grow your business that you can immediately apply in your own agency.

Personalized Email Coaching Support

Up to 10x/year, you can receive a real-time answer to your most pressing needs from one our experienced business coaches.

What You Need, When You Need It

Through a blend of different learning models, you can tailor your journey to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. We offer:

Others will tell you what to do, but we will teach you how to grow!

We empower you to create a sustainable, profitable agency that can stand the test of time.

Why You need to Join the Inner Circle

Statistically, your success depends on who you surround yourself with every day. Research shows the people you hang around can determine up to 95% of your success or failure in life. And if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!

Having the right community to network with is crucial to building the a successful business and long-term wealth. Our tried and true strategies are what helped us to grow our agency to more than $10 Million in revenue in just under 4 years! Let us show you how!

Maybe you think that growing a million dollar agency sounds amazing, but isn’t possible.

Even You can build a real, sustainable income Home Care agency that earns 7 figures and beyond!

At Ditch the Scrubs, we provide executive coaching that supports you at any level, an empowering community, and strategic, actionable wealth-building education, so you can:

  • Grow your agency by 30% or more within the next 12 months
  • Finally become your own boss, run your company Full-time, and hire a team that can help you to Grow and Thrive